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A Cost-Effective, Easy, and Convenient Solution to Filing Your Small Business's Taxes.

Helping The Small Business Owner Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Their Taxes Every Year.
We are unlike any accounting firm you have ever dealt with.
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A Cost-Effective, Easy, and Convenient Solution to Filing Your Small Business’s Taxes That Saves You Serious Money, Time, and… Your Sanity!

At 1st Chicago Accounting we understand what a total pain it can be to file taxes for your small business, which is why we’re redefining the filing process with an affordable price and an unbeatably fast experience that actually saves our clients thousands of dollars on average!

We would be honored to show you firsthand what it feels like to NOT dread tax season!

What if There was a Better Way to File Your Small Business’s Taxes?

If you’re anything like most small business owners, chances are you absolutely hate tax season…

From the hours upon hours it takes gathering all your documents, to the waiting game your crazy-busy CPA makes you play, to the unexpected and expensive fees you’re hit with… getting your business’s taxes filed is neither easy nor enjoyable.


On top of all this, you’re probably sick and tired about hearing what you “could have done this to save money” or being asked a barrage of endless questions about your documents that only drag the process on more and more.

Yet, perhaps worst of all is having to deal with an extension or dreaded penalty fees when your already stressed-to-the-max CPA fails to accurately file your estimated payments!

Luckily for you, 1st Chicago Accounting is redefining the filing process one client at a time…

Hi, my name is Brad and I’m a CPA, MBA, EA and here at 1st Chicago Accounting, an accounting firm guaranteed to be unlike any other you’ve ever dealt with.

You see, we’re sick and tired of the traditional filing experience for small business owners…

So, we decided to flip the filing process on its head and create a process so fast, easy, and transparent… we’d gain the respect and admiration of business owners everywhere!

To date, 1st Chicago Accounting has saved both small business owners and individuals alike hundreds of thousands of dollars by facilitating the tax filing process through a much more streamlined and organized approach.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Simply keep reading to discover more about our unique approach to taxes…

We’re Proud to Be Unlike Any Accounting Firm You’ve Dealt with Before.

At 1st Chicago Accounting, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or make you feel bad about having spent years working with CPAs who charge an arm and a leg, string you along, and ultimately give you one headache after another.

Instead, we’re here to simply show you that you do in fact have options for how you choose to file your small business (and personal) taxes! Because we know firsthand what it feels like to absolutely dread tax season we’re on a mission to provide a better filing experience for all business owners!

Why We’re Different at a Glance…

  1. Save Thousands of Dollars by Preparing Files Fast. We’ll teach you how to quickly download all your transactions into a spreadsheet with a short, to-the-point video. Once downloaded, you’ll need to spend a quick 30 minutes to an hour categorizing the transactions… that’s it! After, simply send us your spreadsheet and we’ll get your corporate taxes done.

  2. Say Goodbye to Extensions Forever. Trust us, we’re just like you in that we hate extensions, which is why you can rest assured, we’ll get your taxes done on time. Every time.

  3. Optional October Tax Plans Offer Massive Savings. You can receive your own custom tax plan designed to save you thousands of dollars for just $2,500. On average, business owners who receive our tax plan save over $30,000 per year, with one of our clients saving over $113,000 in just 2017!

  4. Estimates Ready by April. One of the many aspects of our business we pride ourselves on is our lighting fast turnaround which means you can fully expect your estimate to be ready in April.

  5. Never Overbooked CPAs Who Offer Better Customer Service. Our CPAs are never forced to work an ungodly number of hours during tax season, which means they’re left energetic and focused throughout the filing period and offer superior service. Expect your emails and calls to be returned right away and a much friendlier approach than you’d find with other firms!

  6. Unbelievably Speedy Personal Tax Filing. Need to file your personal taxes? No problem! Simply give us a handful of days.

  7. Free Expert Training on Managing Your Books for Fast Profitability. We’ll send you our renowned video series on how to balance your books in under 10 minutes a week to increase profitability for FREE.                                                                       

  8. Free Tax Saving Material. Enjoy periodic emails throughout the year containing videos on the latest and best tax saving strategies you can easily implement for huge savings.

  9. Expert Small Business CPAs. We’ll connect you to a CPA who only works with small business owners, and as such, fully understands how to use the tax code for small businesses to your full advantage.

So, if you’re sick and tired of the frustrating process of filing taxes for your small business and want to discover how to save thousands of dollars each year…

Simply give me a call at 708-428-4980

I’d love to tell you more about how 1st Chicago Accounting can make your tax nightmares disappear forever.

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