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CFO Services

Helping The Small Business Owner Increase Profits and Cash Flow.
We are unlike any accounting firm you have ever dealt with.

Imagine Being Able to Increase Your Bottom Line, Profitability, and Cash Flow… All Without Breaking the Bank!​

As a profit driven business, it’s essential that you have the expert guidance of a seasoned CFO… but what if you don’t have one?

No problem! With 1st Chicago Accounting, you can count on our acclaimed CFO Services to guide you through everything.

In fact, our CFO Services are so effective, that they typically become free in just a few months and continue to pay for themselves many times over!

NO business will ever reach their full potential without a CFO helping them along the way.


You see, when you enlist the help of a CFO, you’re able to implement

Fortune 500 financial analyst procedures that allow you to…


  • Boost profits & enhance cash flow.

  • Turbo charge management & streamline operations.

  • Promptly discover weaknesses PLUS how to dissolve them

  • Develop & utilize budgets as a roadmap

  • Uncover & STOP any and all areas of business that leak cash.

  • Unlock new opportunities for expanded growth & new revenue streams.

  • Further build upon your innate strengths as a business.

  • Seize new opportunities & capitalize on them

  • Spend less time at work with daily/weekly reports & dashboards         available at your fingerprints

  • Efficiently track Key Performance Indicators, allowing you to make educated decisions quicker

  • Enjoy eye opening periodic budget reviews and have your variances analyzed

  • And so much more!

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Partner With Us

If you’re ready to discover how to turbo charge your business and explode profits, a simple phone call Brad Filmanowicz is all it takes to get started! Call Today at 708-428-4980.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you allow us to work as your CFO…

A Daily/Weekly Dashboard

Why spend precious time having to manage and track your financial information and key performance indicators… when we could do it for you! Our dashboards give you all the strategic information you need at your fingertips, for less time in the office. They’re an invaluable tool for management.


Weekly Visits From Your Very Own CFO

Having a CFO on site at your company every week is very powerful tool. You will build a relationship with your Chief Financial Officer through face to face communication. Additionally you’ll be able to quickly get your finances under control, increase your net income, and learn in depth about the financial side of your business.


Financial Statements Month by Month

Having your Financial Statements prepared for you month next to prior month will give you a level of insight you’d never imagine. When you stack your P & L side by side you will see trends and issues right away. Things that don’t look right will stick out like a sore thumb and allow you to and identify your issues much faster and in turn, fix them lightning fast before they snowball.


Business Budgets with Reviews and Variance Analyses

Think of your business budget as your financial road map… with your goals written out in a spreadsheet. Most business owners consider it the end of the road when they finish their budget… but this couldn’t be more wrong! Your journey is just beginning. What you do next is compare your actual results to your budgeted numbers. Then you investigate your variances to see what is not happening or what is working well, giving you the killer insight you need to fix your issues to get back on track with your road map. So, think of a budget as a living thing, something you have to constantly compare it to your actual numbers. It’s almost like the heart of your business, without it… you’re really risking your health.


Sales Mix Budgets

Through creating what I like to refer to as a Sales Mix Budget, you’ll be able to see exactly how to get your revenue from where it is now… to where you actually want it to be. As entrepreneurs, we all aspire to have our revenue hit a certain threshold and with your Sales Mix Budget, you will be more educated than ever on how to actually reach that threshold! We will create for you a detailed sales budget that you can compare to that of your actual numbers to better see where you are off and by how much . Then, once you know this, we can make the necessary adjustments to help you increase the gross margins of your business and ultimately, raise your net income and generate more cash flow!  


Key Performance Indicator Tracking

Large companies hire teams of financial analysts to study and analyze their companies. These financial analysts are constantly reviewing all of the profitability aspects of the businesses. You, however, most likely do not have that much time and your company is probably not large enough to hire a team of said analysts. The good news is your company really only needs to track and manage a few Key Performance Indicators ( KPI’s). A KPI is a performance measurement that evaluates an activity in which an organization engages. Most KPIs are very easy to obtain and track if you know how.

Weekly Profit & Loss Statements

Gain an unprecedented inside look at the weekly financials of your business with your very own weekly profit and loss statements. With these statements, you’ll be able to identify issues right away, spot trends, and catch errors in your accounting. You also be able to see where you’re leaking cash, allowing you to analyze and cut unnecessary expenses. Best of all? You can easily digest all of this information in about 10 minutes or less. Reviewing this report weekly will tell you everything that is going on in your business… the good, the bad, and the costly!


Cashflow Management

Cash Flow Management will allow you to get the most out of your business as you pay your tax payments without having to hit pause on your lifestyle. With your cashflow under control, you’ll ultimately reduce your stress and benefit from having extra cash on hand for projects and your bank account.


Financial Analysis on All Future Projects

Curious if a potential future project is in the best interest of your business? I’ll tell you! Contrary to what you may think, most projects do not make sense when you put together spreadsheets to look at all of the scenarios. Because of this, I’ll present you with all the information you need to decide whether to throw cash at them or not.

 It’s About MORE Than Just Making More Money

Contrary to what one might think… we’re really focused on helping you make the most of your time, not just as much money as possible!

With our systems, you truly can cut hours from your work week and spend more time out of the office for a better quality of life. Not to mention, the stress reduction you’ll feel doing this as well!

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