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Accounting For The Small Business Owner

Business Owner's pay too much in taxes, 1st Chicago Accounting's Tax Planning, Saves most business owners $30,000+ per year in taxes.

Qui Sommes-nous ?

Helping The Small Business Owner Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Their Taxes Every Year.

We are unlike any accounting firm you have ever worked with.

Learn how my very successful clients cut costs, manage their expenses, which significantly boosts their profitability. The simple system that only takes 10 minutes a week. 

​At 1st Chicago Accounting we only service small businesses. This is very important to you because during the “tax season” we are accessible to consult and help you save money. Most accounting firms are way too busy doing individual tax returns, they are over worked and stress out. We only do the individual tax returns of our business clients. This means we are accessible to you and your needs.

Each client is assigned a CPA, who takes a personal interest in your business. They are an expert in saving on small business taxes and knows how to increase your profitability. Most small business are over taxed and over worked. We take taxes personally, we review every tax return as if we have to write the check. We are very proactive on tax planning and will do several tax plans for you through out the year. And we wrote the book, Profits Driven, and we will show you how to increase your profits and cash flow.

Our fees are average, but our service is top notch. Recently, we took on two new clients, one a dentist and the other an attorney. We reviewed the dentist's tax returns, and we saved him over $112,000 in 2016. The new attorney client we saved them about $30,000 per year. Our typical savings for a new client is over $10,000. Let us show you how we can do this for you.


With our CFO services we helped a Chiropractor increase his net income from $150,000 to over $1 million in 12 months. We then double his income the following year. We rescued a $10,000,000  Oncology Practice from bankruptcy and in within 2 months we turned a $200,000 monthly profit.

For small companies we have a program to show you how you can do this yourself with our help and guidance. Contact Us Here.

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Profit Driven

New Book Reveals How To Be The CFO Of Your Company, Even If You Do Not Know Anything About Accounting.

Learn the secrets of successful business owners, who spend 10 minutes a week looking at simple reports that make them very successful and very profitable.


Sales are Vanity and Profits are Sanity!

Brad Filmanowicz, CPA, MBA, EA. Is the author of Profits Driven a book designed to make business owners profit driven instead of sales driven.


These processes teach the small business owner how to make their business very profitable. Most business owners do not make enough money for the risk they have and the amount of time they put into their business. And the primary reason is they are sales driven and not profit driven. They think more sales will fix their problems and it doesn’t.

He has developed a program that will bring Fortune 500 financial techniques to the small business owner. The small business owner does not have the budget to hire teams of financial analysts to show them what is working and what is not working.

About Brad Filmanowicz:

Brad Filmanowicz, CPA, MBA has been practicing as a tax accountant and small business advisor since 1997.

Brad earned his CPA in 1994 and a Masters Degree in Finance from Saint Xavier University in 1997. Prior to starting his own firm he was an accounting manager for Telular Corporation a publicly traded firm, a financial planning accountant for Sara Lee Corporation, and a controller for Moran Industries.

His experience at Sara Lee taught him how to take Fortune 500 companies financial management skills down to the small divisional level, and later how to apply to small businesses.

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